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Bocconi Students for Real Estate (BSRE) is the only Bocconi student association
entirely focused on the Real Estate market. It was founded in March 2019 by a group of
students, willing to scrutinize a specific industry which is considerably growing and it’s
arousing the interest of investors, entrepreneurs and final intermediaries.


 The main aim of the association is to allow its members to exploit the association’s
environment in order to share each other’s knowledge and passion for real estate. The
focus is on learning by doing. This is to be accomplished by planning real estate
investments, building virtual real estate portfolios, engaging in concrete real estate
valuations and reports. The students have the chance to sharpen their hard skills related
to the industry but also teamworking abilities and other soft skills. Furthermore, the
association members have the chance to be involved in real estate advisory deals and
projects, thanks to the partnerships built by BSRE with some real estate players operating
in Milan.
In addition, BSRE organizes educational events with professionals who specialize in the
Real Estate market. The main purpose of these events is to benefit the Bocconi
community, and not solely the members of BSRE. The events are related to both the
investment and development side of real estate.
Bocconi Students for Real Estate is currently made up of 58 members, of which 9 form the
Board of Directors. The members are split among six divisions: cash & legal affairs,
networking, marketing, human resources, communications, internal affairs. Furthermore,
the members are also divided into teams for each project.


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